Building Your Own HTML, CSS, JS Realtime Playground

Many months ago I built this site called CSSDeck. Its an interesting app where you can write your HTML, CSS, JS code inside few code editors that gets rendered and displayed in realtime in an output area (sandbox). Similar to JSFiddle, yeh! But the intent was a bit different. Instead of aiming for a playground where people could just create testcases, I wanted to build a community of people who would create some cool creations with their CSS3 and Javascript skills and all I would do is feature them on the Home Page of the site. Whatever people submit shows up in their profile page which means they can share their profile link with anyone and show off how awesome they are.

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Hello world!

Hello from Yet Another Blogger! My name is Rishabh, a freelance web developer from India. I’ll use this blog to post some tips and tricks that I learn while working on various projects (personal or for clients). Some articles might also get into the details of several interesting topics, but I’ll try to keep them precise so that you can read quick, learn and get to work.

Quite excited about this!