Android Scroll to Top of ScrollView with ListView and Other Child Views (Initial Jump Issue)

In my Android app, I was working in an Activity where I had a ScrollView containing a LinearLayout (could be a RelativeLayout too though) that had a few Views at the top followed by a ListView in the end that was long enough to move out of the bottom edge and add scrollbars to itself. Since I’d set a height to the ListView the ScrollView gained it’s vertical scrollbars.

The problem was that whenever the Activity loaded, the page would pre-scroll at the top of the ListView somewhere at 30% offset from the top. This was really annoying as everytime the page would load, the screen would jump at the ListView and I was unable to scroll to top to view the other Views defined previously in the layout file. Soon enough though, I found a solution in this StackOverflow thread –

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Hope it’ll help you out too! The solution that worked for me was this:

scrollView.smoothScrollTo(0, 0);

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