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Analytics are important, not only for tracking the amount of people visiting your site, but also to track their behavior once they’re on it. For mobile apps and mobile sites, popular analytic tools like Google Analytics don’t always work as well tracking behavior of app users as they do tracking the behavior of users on a desktop site. If you really want to analyze the behavior of your app users, you need to use analytic resources built specifically for mobile apps and sites. Take a look at the list below to see some of the best.

Flurry Analytics


Flurry Analytics can be used to easily and conveniently track the performance of your iOS and Android apps. You can track users’ actions and behaviors in order to learn about trends. It also gives you access to your users’ demographics and interests so as to really give you a feel for who your users are and what sort of content they may be interested in.

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Countly is a mobile app analytics tool that supports apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. It features an easy to use dashboard and some great options for tracking and user interaction, including access to the habits and session details of your users, and the ability to interact with them using push notifications. Countly also gives you access to crash reports for all different OS builds of your apps, AND it allows you to track the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.


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Localytics provides real-time analytics for your mobile apps, in addition to targeted, personalized messaging options for your users and marketing engagement and campaign tracking features. They also offer different pricing packages to scale with the size of your business.


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Amplitude lets you easily track user behavior across platforms so that you can easily compare behaviors on web, tablet, and mobile versions of your sites and applications. Amplitude also offers free options for using their service, as well as paid elite and enterprise options.


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Answers is a mobile app analytics platform that supports iOS and Android apps. The premise of the platform is that they give you the “answers” you’re looking for — performance metrics, user history and interests, trends — without you having to wade through a lot of data to figure out all of the “answers” on your own.




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