Top Search Engine Rank Trackers Compilation List (SEO)

About a year and a half back I evaluated a couple of search engine rank trackers and compiled a list of decent softwares (preferably web based) available. Today I feel like posting the list on this blog for reference purposes.

Rank Tracker


What's the one thing every developer wants? More screens! Enhance your coding experience with an external monitor to increase screen real estate.


Pricing: Free/Paid (1 time payment)

Pretty good desktop based tool. Has restrictions in the free version like not allowing saving of projects, exports, etc. which means better to go with the professional or enterprise versions.

Purchase Link:

SERPFox, MicrositeMasters, SERPBook and AuthorityLabs


All paid solutions with micrositemasters being fairly cheaper and with more recommendations from the SEO community (google search).

I personally used AuthorityLabs for quite some time.

MOZ Analytics


Currently they have a product called PRO that can be tried out for $99/month (will later get merged to this new product with all the data imported).




Pricing: Paid

Loads of negative reviews can be found though.

Rank Checker


Pricing: Free

Neat Firefox plugin to facilitate the task of checking keyword ranking for a domain on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO SERP Workbench


Pricing: Free

Its a chrome plugin, atleast helps make the process of checking manually much quicker.


Extra Stuff

Here’s a big list of rank trackers.

Feel free to mention any other good tools that you know of in the comments.

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