Remote Web App JavaScript Debugging with

jsconsole web app/page debugging

I’ve written a few posts on remote debugging before, using edge inspect and weinre. They’re definitely very good at the problem they try to solve but today I came across a new Javascript-only remote debugging tool (mobiles, desktops, laptops, etc.) called JSConsole and am loving it! It’s pretty amazing for what it does and is trivial to setup.

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Using Adobe Edge Inspect for Cross-Device Web Page Debugging and Synchronized Browsing

Using Adobe Edge Inspect you can inspect your webpages (like you do in chrome dev tools) across various remote devices (mobiles, tablets, etc.). You basically connect multiple iOS or Android devices to your computer wirelessly (this happens via adobe’s servers). Then all you do is browser in your Chrome and those devices will stay in sync, i.e., open/refresh the webpage that you’re viewing in chrome. You can then fire up an inspecting tool (in your computer) to inspect html, css and do a lot more (like dev tools) in those devices. The inspection is done via weinre.
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Remote Mobile Web Application Debugging with Weinre

Weinre (WEb INspector REmote) – pronounced as ‘winery’ – is an excellent tool that reuses the code from the webkit web inspector to allow remote webpage debugging (basically what firebug or chrome dev tools does for inspection). It can be extremely useful when you want to debug a webpage in mobiles, tablets or any other remote device!

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