Android ViewFlipper and ViewSwitcher with GestureDetector Swipes/Flings

While developing an Android application, most of us will encounter the need to integrate a section in our app where the user can switch between Views. So it should show one view which can be an ImageView or a collection inside LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, etc. at a time that can be swiped/flinged to move to the next or previous item. Think of a slideshow of images or a step-based process like e-commerce checkouts. Basically whenever you want to swipe through a set of related sections but show only one at a time then you can leverage ViewFlipper or ViewSwitcher class widgets that Android provides us. The detection of gestures can be achieved with major use of the MotionEvent class but we’ll make use of GestureDetector for this article.

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Android Image Slideshow using ViewPager with PagerAdapter

We’ve already discussed ViewPager in depth in one of my earlier posts. We saw how to use it with specific PagerAdapter implementations like FragmentPagerAdapter and FragmentStatePagerAdapter that works with fragments but we can also use it to inflate any other View or ViewGroup (with standard View hierarchy) by hooking it up with PagerAdapter itself. In this tutorial we’ll just discuss how to how to hook a PagerAdapter to a ViewPager to create an Image slideshow.

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