Custom Validation Messages for HTML5 Form Constraints

Well, we already know that with HTML5 from constraints, client side form validation has become super easy. All we have to do is use attributes like required, maxlength, pattern, step, etc. and/or the correct form type like email, phone, number, etc. and then once the user submits the form, the browser prompts invalid messages if the form is not entirely valid. Although it might not really be a requirement but from a coolness perspective I thought I’ll share the fact that the error messages can be customized.

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Trigger HTML5 Form Validation on JavaScript Submission (form.submit())

Most of the time when dealing with web forms, we either have a basic version where the user clicks on the submit button and the form submits to the relevant action with the relevant GET/POST method specified (or defaults are used) or on submission of the form we use AJAX/XHR to send the form date to a specific URL with the required request type (GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.). For a long time we had been implementing client side form validations in our JavaScript code (we still do) but then with the advent of the HTML5 constraint validation we have been doing a lot of the form validations right there in the form controls definitions by specifying the right type like email, phone, etc. with/without attributes like pattern, maxlength, required, steps, etc.

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