Android Realtime (Instant) Search with Filter Class and Filterable Interface Using Custom and Inbuilt Adapter

Android has an excellent Fitler class that helps us filter data from an entire data set based on some pattern (for example a string) provided. Filters are usually created by classes implementing the Filterable interface. It makes sense to use filters (implement the Filterable interface) mostly with adapters, which means Filterable classes are usually Adapter implementations.

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Adding Search Functionality to Your Android Application Activity with SearchView and Search Dialog

If you’re building an android application, then most likely you’ll need to implement a search in it to let the user search through a set of data that could be emails, messages, chats, photos, files, etc. Android provides us with a search widget called SearchView that provides a user interface for the user to enter a search query and submit the request. The preferred way to use this widget to provide search in our application is to use it in the action bar.

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Understanding and Implementing Android Lists with ListView, ExpandableListView, ListFragment, ListActivity and Custom List Adapters

There are times when you want to display data as a list. For example a list of emails, a list of messages, a list of tweets, a list of post titles, a list of photos with their titles and other meta data like dates and summary. Android provides 2 classes with the help of which we can achieve a scrollable list of items in our mobile application:

  • ListView – Show items in a vertically scrolling list.
  • ExpandableListView – Similar to ListView but supports grouping of items that can be expanded individually to show its childrens.

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