Convert (Split) PDF Files into Images with ImageMagick and GhostScript

Split PDF

ImageMagick is an excellent open source set of software tools that helps with converting, editing, displaying and composing image files. Almost all programming languages have extensions or libraries to interact with the ImageMagick API, although you could also use it via command line.

Ghostscript is a set of tools that can interpret PostScript page description language and PDF files too, to render or rasterize them.

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Admob Native Android SDK Integration with Phonegap/Cordova without Plugins

Just like we’ve Google’s AdSense program for all web publishers to generate revenue off their content, for mobile app developers there’s Google’s AdMob ads platform to monetize and promote their web app. PhoneGap is a great tool to convert JavaScript rich web apps to native mobile app. But when it comes to monetizing via ads, just putting Adsense code is not the solution as its meant for web usage only and is against Google’s terms and conditions. We’ll go through a simple process that I came across to integrate the native admob android sdk to our cordova apps and games without using any phonegap plugins.

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